Dennard, Lacey & Associates (DL&A)

creates "WOW" factors. And we've been doing it for over 40 years. We've designed popular restaurants, well-known logos, ads, and lots of corporate stuff that may surprise you... and "WOW" you. 


We designed the logo for Fort Worth's Sundance Square - one of the most vibrant downtown retail, cultural, and entertainment centers in America. 

Our branding, building design and positioning campaign took Golden Corral from a lackluster steakhouse to one to the top buffet restaurants in America.

We helped Nancy Brinker begin her Susan G. Komen foundation with branding and collateral, including the color pink used universally for cancer awareness and research today.

We named and created the identity for Windsong Ranch, the sprawling residential and mixed-use development located in Prosper, Texas. Our projects include award-winning signage and ad campaigns. 

We design school textbooks for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and other national publishers. Our projects include HMH’s Into Reading, which was recently adopted by the state of Texas.

We designed packaging and collateral pieces for Mary Kay Cosmetics.

We designed the logo and identity system for Hicks Muse, the well-known Dallas leveraged buyout firm. 

Faneuil Hall Marketplace.png

Bob Dennard designed the grand opening campaign for Boston's Faneuil Hall. Built in 1742, it has served as an indoor / outdoor marketing and meeting place. Revived and refurbished by the Rouse Company, it remains a popular destination.

We created a new brand and restaurant design for Steak & Ale that was a top performer.

Our award-winning work for Cedar Rapids’ Revival Theatre Company has helped to significantly raise the troupe's level of awareness beyond the state’s borders.