Well, that was a good idea!

Our Awards

 In 1978 the Dallas Society of Visual Communication adopted the

light bulb as its official award for the best and brightest design ideas and advertising Work.  

    "Unless a creative piece reflects a good idea or concept that lifts it above and beyond the ordinary, it remains ordinary." 

-Bob Dennard, Designer of the DSVC Lightbulb Award 

 Since 1977 our work has been represented in every major local, national and international awards show including the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, the Library of Congress, Print, Communication Arts, Logo Lounge, Graphis, How, DSVC and the New York Art Directors' show.  

Icons shown below also appear in 'our work', signifying award-winning recognition from these various sources. 

 Communication Arts 




 Art Directors Club 



Dennard, Lacey and Associates