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Golden Corral signage

Golden Corral

PROJECT TYPE:  Branding, Restaurant Design, Direct Mail, Illustration, Package Design, Naming
INDUSTRY:  Restaurant
RECOGNITION:  Print Magazine

With new branding, marketing and restaurant design, we helped make Golden Corral the overwhelming market leader in American buffet steak houses.

Golden Corral signage
Golden Corral bulding exterior proposed illustration

Golden Corral’s iconic building, interior and exterior, was designed to feel like home. Inviting, warm – and comfortable. Just like the food.

We re-branded every element of Golden Corral, starting with the logo and restaurant design.

proposed Interior of the Golden Corral
Golden Corral to-go stand and cart illustrations

Golden Corral’s Brass Bell Bakery was concepted, named and branded by our firm, as were several other promotional offerings.

Golden Corral station logo

Silkscreened promotional posters adorn Golden Corral’s famed buffet, advertising that day’s specials.

close up texture of the Barbeque logo printed
close up texture of the shrimp logo printed

Golden Corral introduced breakfast and some additional food enticements to keep customers coming back for more, as seen in our bright and colorful artwork.

Photo of delicious food from Golden Corral
Food illustration banner
Food illustration banner

Golden Corral’s iconic Brass Bell Bakery’s goods are also offered to-go – as are many of the restaurant’s other offerings, including Golden Roast chicken.

To-go Packaging design
Custom bell design for bakery and to-go packaging
Golden Corral brass Bell DingBat
To-go packaging shot

Holiday promotions included special deals for moms and dads.

Mothers Day Illustration
Photo of delicious food from Golden Corral

Direct mail featuring a variety of tasty illustrations advertises the Golden Choice Buffet and its breakfast offerings.

Golden Corral Illustration Ad
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