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NTX Magazine Volume 11

PROJECT TYPE:  Publication, Illustration
INDUSTRY:  Editorial

Produced by the North Texas Commission, each volume of NTX Magazine focuses on an issue or industry that impacts North Texas business and economic efforts. The focus of this volume is the emergence of North Texas as North America’s next big super region.


The continued draw to North Texas is stronger than ever, with thriving living, play and work opportunities of all kinds. Businesses continue to look forward; more people are moving in than out; and the myriad infrastructure systems continue to build in ways uniquely suited for exponential growth.


As the copy in the article states, North Texas is the fourth-largest region in the U.S., and also the largest region without access to a sea. The design of the article was inspired by the typography that the article is ‘constructed’ with. Bridges, roads, rail, reservoirs and broadband are all illustrated using the letterforms that make up the text within the article.

What benefits and propagates a growing region? Diversity. North Texas isn’t made up of JUST cowboys and longhorns - it offers a range of diversity unlike just about anywhere else.

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