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Bennigan's Grill
& Tavern

PROJECT TYPE:  Logo, Branding, Menu Design, Architectural Drawing 
INDUSTRY:  Restaurant
RECOGNITION: Print magazine, Dallas Show, HOW, Graphis

THE classic Irish American eatery, Bennigan’s Grill & Tavern operated restaurants across the nation and in 14 other countries.


Cohesive and consistent brand design honored Irish American history, showcasing everything from brunch to late-night drinks.


Bennigan’s one-of-a-kind award-winning menu was especially robust – chock-full of Irish American archival photography, limericks, anecdotes, curiosities, facts, food and beer. Menu pages never grew stale (as items would occasionally change) and were reprinted on location as needed.

Beer and spirits from around the world were happily washed down regularly within Bennigan’s, from brunch to lunch to dinner – and after. Among the offerings were some interesting cultural combinations -- including the ‘Emerald Isle Margarita’. 

Bennigans Menus compilation.jpg

Branded items included everything from coasters to baseball caps and jackets.

19bennigans_concept_art copy.jpg

With a restaurant design inspired by Chicago’s turn-of-the-century Irish bars and eateries, the Bennigan’s experience started well before you walked in through the front doors.

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